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Our modern, efficient, and highly customizable web-based solutions are as powerful as they are easy to use.

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Integrity EPC’s Technology Division features the Blue Hawk technology suite. We provide
industry leading inspection & data acquisition (Smart Forms), mechanical integrity analysis
(IDMS), and project management (PM) platforms to modernize your integrity program. Blue
Hawk redefines asset integrity management to maximize inspection efficiency, improve MI
program transparency, and deliver actionable results that cuts through the noise.

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Blue Hawk SF


Blue Hawk SF (Smart Forms) is our full-featured & customizable smart inspection form platform that deploys on tablets or phones to perform Mechanical Integrity inspections, DOT inspections, or execute any company form that you want to modernize. Gone are the days of filling out printed forms with pen & paper and tedious data entry.

With Blue Hawk SF, you will complete forms on your tablet with surprising ease and control and instantly get rewarded with digital reports styled to match your existing formatting, and all collected data already digitized!

Available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows.

Blue Hawk SF Features:

Customize at will:

Rapidly build and create customized forms to modernize any existing form within your company

Match your company’s branding:

Forms can output as reports to match the exact style of your existing reports or branding

Easy to start:

Kick start your transition from paper forms to trackable, database friendly smart forms with our portfolio of PSM and DOT compliant forms

Think BIG:

Any activity can be swiftly tracked by smart forms to easily maintain compliance, perform any level of inspection, and analyze work completed

Automation is standard:

Automatically send reports via email, push data to a database, and create follow-up tasks

Feature Rich:

GPS enabled, collect digital signatures, RFID enabled, embed pictures with ease, load your drawings, offline capable, set required fields & logic


Featured forms our clients have modernized with Blue Hawk SF:

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Blue Hawk MI

Mechanical Integrity IDMS

Blue Hawk MI is our seamlessly integrated analytics platform for evaluating and interpreting Mechanical Integrity (MI) data. Often referred to in the industry as an Integrity Data Management System (IDMS), our solution departs from bloated offerings of yesteryear and delivers a highly customizable, fit for purpose, on-demand MI WebApp. We’re driven by efficiency and the backbone that makes our Blue Hawk SF forms so powerful also sets the foundation for the next generation of Mechanical Integrity data management.

Compliance has never been so easy.

MI features

Blue Hawk MI Features:

Intuitive interface

WebApps thrive by ease of use and we’are no exception; navigate your data with the ease of your browser.

on demand access

Your data at your fingertips; launch a browser and securely connect to our cloud based WebApp; no software to install.

Intuitive interface

Following RAGAGEP, we follow the requisite inspection and construction Standards to determine your inspection intervals & dates.

Dynamic dashboards

Effortlessly access expressive and interactive dashboards to quickly demonstrate compliance.

powerful Integrations

Google Maps built-in to engage with your data using the best tools available.

Risk ready

Whether adopting our own API 580 framework or specifying your own algorithm, we’re risk-based inspection ready!


Blue Hawk is a veritable compliance powerhouse focused on efficiency.

Modernize all of your company’s forms

Track DOT and PSM compliance

Perform analysis on your Mechanical Integrity data


Looking for field support?

All of our divisions are fluent in Blue Hawk and can provide the efficiency of Blue Hawk for any inspection or relevant service that we perform.