The Year's Best Bass Lures

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Dark Matter 7 inch Astro Spook Bunker 3.7oz Bunker 7 inch 3.7oz The Dark Matter Astro Spook is here and ready to dominate! Welcome to the world's first dual mode, internally armored, walk the dog style bait. Walk it wide or splash it tight. It is capable of kicking almost two feet off center. Give it a rip followed by a steady retrieve to activate its subsurface hunting mode. The precisely balanced from-the-ground-up design creates a built-in wandering S shaped action down to six feet.

Dark Matter 7 Astro Spook Bone 3.7oz

The Mepps® Dressed Basser Kit was assembled for anglers looking to increase their success when bass fishing. The lures in the Basser Kit were

Mepps Dressed Basser Kit

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The Len Thompson Original Series Lure is made with high quality, rust resistant, solid brass material. It's painted with environmentally safe, water based paint. It comes equipped with an Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp treble hook.

Len Thompson 1 oz Lures, Brass Flame

Sea Striker Got-Cha 1600 Series Plug Lures – 3 Pack

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One look tells you how versatile the Googan Baits Snacky Swimmer can be as a natural fish catcher. Attributes like the in-line ribbing and boot-style tail grabs water and disperses it as it swims to become an easy target. A strong wagging kick imparts a wobbling motion through the body for a naturally convincing action. Snacky Swimmer come impregnated with Googan Baits' proprietary Slaunch Sauce to keep even the keenest crappie holding on through the hookset.

Googan Baits Snacky Swimmer, Black Jack