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Heddon Swim'N Image Shallow-Running Crankbait Fishing Lure, 3 Inch, 7/16 Ounce, Speckled Trout : Fishing Topwater Lures And Crankbaits : Sports & Outdoors

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Features: The Strike King Speckled Trout Magic is an underspin jig with a Glass Minnow paddle tail swimbait pre-rigged on the back of the bait. Combines the proven effectiveness of a paddle tail with the flash of an underspin. Glass Minnow swimbait is made from tough and durable ElazTech thermoplastic. Control the depth of the bait by varying your retrieve - go slow if you want it deep, fast if you want it near the surface. Available in 8 colorways and 2 sizes: 1/8 and 1/4 ounce.

Strike King Speckled Trout Magic - Pearl - 1/4 oz.

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Premier Plus Spinnerbait Willow/Willow 1/2oz


T300 Terrestrial-Stone Hook - Premier Series (50Packs)

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T300 Terrestrial-Stone Hook - Premier Series (50Packs)

Contains the following 12 flies:, ZEBRA MIDGE - (black) #14, #16, #18, PRINCE NYMPH - #14, #16, #18, FRENCHIE - #14, #16, #18, HARE’S EAR - #14,

Classic Nymph Pack

TroutLegend CG300 CzechGrub Hook - Premier Series (50Packs)

Smith Niakis

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