PK Lures PK Predator Flash Fishing Spoon

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The PK Predator is a panfish killer!, This be used as an open water or ice fishing lure, and can be jigged or casted. The patent pending blade design

The Flutter Fish is not your ordinary jigging spoon. This spoon has a unique action all it's own. Fish see the jigging spoon rising and falling like an injured or dying baitfish. This in turn causes the fish to eat it. It took PK Lures years to perfect the fluttering motion of the Flutter Fish. This fluttering action increases the strike ratio because of increased flash, vibration and realistic movement.Flutterfish Spoons are hammered on the front and a smooth back.

Pk Lures Flutterfish Spoon: Nickel Plate; 3/8 oz.

When jigged with quick, short lifts of the rod, the ACME Ice-Winder Flutter Spoon darts upwards and falls with a fluttering action that imitates an injured or scared baitfish. Slower jigging strokes allow the Spoon a unique rocking motion that triggers stubborn fish. Darting, fluttering action mimics wounded baitfish Unique rocking motion triggers stubborn fish In 1/4 oz. and 1/8 oz. Order today!.

Acme Ice Winder Flutter Spoon, 1/4 oz, Metallic Perch

1/16 Oz Tungsten - PK Predator Flash Fishing Spoon

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Pk Lures FF2YGO Flutter Fish Spoon

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Anglers asked for a smaller PK Predator that would drop fast to help stay on the bite so we did it!! PK Predator TNG (Tungsten) - this smaller version

Tungsten 1/16 oz. - PK Predator Flash Fishing Spoon - Lime Green White Tiger Glow / 1/16oz

PK Lures Predator, PK Lures

PK Predator Flash Fishing Spoon - Pokeys Tackle Shop

PK Lures PK Predator Flash Spoon

Your favorite spoon has been downsized to become a deadly ice fishing spoon. The PK Lures Predator Tungsten Spoon has been made smaller, so it can entice even the most finicky of fish. Made from tungsten, this spoon still packs a quick drop rate, which can trigger reaction strikes, landing you more fish! The gold blade creates a flash that helps draw attention.

Pk Lures PRT0BGG Predator Tng (Tungsten)

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PK Lures - Pokeys Tackle Shop

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PK Predator Ice Fishing Lure for Panfish, Crappie, Bluegill – PK Lures