Heddon Baby Torpedo - Clear

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Heddon Tiny Torpedo Blue Shiner

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Heddon Torpedo

Heddon Baby Torpedo Propbait Topwater Hard Bait - The Heddon Baby Torpedo is a proven topwater bait that smallmouth and largemouth bass can ́t resist. Its single prop spins and spits water. The Baby Torpedo can be worked slowly with twitches and pauses, or reeled constantly at a medium retrieve like a buzzbait. In rivers, work the bait in shallow shoreline water, in eddies, near submerged rocks and in fast-moving riffles for giant smallmouth.

Heddon Baby Torpedo - Black Shiner

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Heddon Tiny Torpedo - Clear

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The Heddon Torpedo has been the worlds No. 1 best-selling prop-bait topwater lure for generations, and the Tiny version packs a lot of punch into its little package. The Torpedos aerodynamic shape, balance and weight allow anglers to cast for distance and accuracy. The Tiny Torpedo froths the water when twitched, but also can be reeled with a slow-steady retrieve for more of a buzzbait-type look. The Heddon Tiny Torpedo is 1 7/8-inches long and 1/4-ounce with #6 hooks.

Heddon Tiny Torpedo - Black Shore Minnow

Heddon Tiny Torpedo

The Teeny version of the Heddon Torpedo, at a compact 2.5 and 8/8oz, carries on the legacy of being the top-selling prop-bait topwater lure in the

Heddon Baby Torpedo

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Heddon Torpedo

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