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Catfish Charlie BD-12-12 Dip Bait Blood 12oz is a high-quality fishing bait that is perfect for catching catfish. This dip bait is specially formulated with a blood scent that is irresistible to catfish, making it easier to catch them. The bait comes in a 12oz container, which is perfect for multiple fishing trips. The dip bait is easy to use and can be applied to your fishing hook quickly and easily.

Catfish Charlie Blood Dip Bait - 12 Ounce

The Catfish BD-12-12 Dip Bait has an extra-sticky, blood-scented formula that's irresistible to catfish and comes with a safety seal to prevent odor

Catfish BD-12-12 Dip Bait, Blood Scented

Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait Blood Flavor

A true dip bait, not a sponge bait, Uncle Sonny's Super Sticky dip bait has been catching catfish for years and continues to do that. It's available in the original cheese formula as well as blooded.

Uncle Sonny's Catfish Bait

Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait Cheese Flavor, Fishing Lure

Catfish Charlie Dip Bait Variety Pack, Blood, Shad

Sonny's Catfish Fishing Baits, Lures & Flies for sale

Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait Blood Flavor

Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait Blood Flavor